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HENTIKAN Penyebaran Jangkitan

STOP The Spread of Infections

Have you ever been in a situation where you were too sick to go to work? Or your child can’t get out of bed because he had high fever? We can agree that it can be a painful experience to both you and your loved ones. Not only does it put a dent in our wallets but we also face the risk of spreading germs to our family members. Download our HENTIKAN booklet to read on ways to stop the spread of infections.

Truth about Bleach booklet

Find out the truth about bleach the most effective and affordable disinfectant.

Cegah Jangkitan Lazim Kanak-kanak - Tip Mudah Untuk Ibubapa

Common Childhood Infections -

Useful Tips for Moms & Dads booklet

Find out about common childhood infections, how to spot the symptoms, how to treat and protect your kids, and specific red alerts that you should know about. We have also included useful tips on how to prevent your little one from getting sick all the time.

Are you harbouring the enemy in your home?

It’s time to stop the enemy. Apply these 4 steps at home and protect the lives and well-being of those you love. Prevent the deadly dengue fever!


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