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Infectious diseases afflict millions of people across the world, causing much personal misery that is often coupled with a great social and economic burden. Over the past two decades or so, we have seen an increased prevalence of common infections. Meanwhile, more dangerous strains of pathogens have also emerged. We have also begun experiencing seasonal epidemics and even pandemics on an unprecedented scale.


In spite of the threat, it is possible to protect ourselves from infectious diseases. Very often, a little common sense and a few simple preventive measures can make a world of difference between falling sick and staying healthy.


Through BASMI Jangkitan, we seek to promote a holistic approach to preventing infections. We recognise the importance of personal hygiene, safe food handling and preparation, healthy lifestyle habits, and immunisation. However, we give special emphasis to environmental hygiene and surface disinfection – vital aspects of infection prevention that most people know about but often neglect.


BASMI Jangkitan features Infection Prevention Month Malaysia as its annual highlight, as well as other activities that are aimed at bringing the infection prevention message to all levels of the community.


The programme is a collaboration between the Ministry of Health (MOH) Malaysia, Malaysian Society of Infectious Diseases & Chemotherapy (MSIDC), The College of Pathologists, and The Clorox Company.


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